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Our commitment, the path to your success


We are capable of the best. Every project is a new challenge in which we deliver the best of the results. Our main goal is to meet customer expectations, leading to customer satisfaction.


We provide our customers with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. The services of Cetra Base make customers stronger and more confident.


We believe that people are the most important component of our success. We are continuously on the seek of the most talented proffessionals. Do you want to be part of our team?


We establish open and honest relationships, based on mutual trust, with our employees and customers. We keep all our promises. In that sense, managing commitments is key.


Nothing is forever. Albert Einstein once said: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.  We are open to new ideas with the aim of quickly reacting and adapting to changing conditions.


About Cetra Base

Cetra Base is an engineering company based in Madrid (Spain) providing consultancy support in aerospace sector.

We have expertise in different fields such as Galileo Ground Segment, Ground Stations, Galileo PRS, etc. 



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