We have vast experience working on different fields and locations within the European aerospace sector. In particular on the European flagship programme, Galileo, where we have been working for more than 15 years.

During this time, we have contributed to the deployment, integration, qualification and operations of the Galileo remote sites, Control Centres and Security Monitoring Centres distributed worldwide.

Our expertise

Our know-how allow us to provide assistance on the different phases of the project. From design, deployment, integration and qualification phases to final operations and maintenance.

Our services encompass the following fields:
  • Galileo GNSS (Ground Segment - GMS and Ground Stations - and GSMC)
  • Cybersecurity and cryptography
  • System engineering
  • Integration Verification & Qualification (IVQ)
  • Test campaigns, from element to system level
  • Support to Operations
  • 24/7 On-call support
  • Anomaly/incident investigation and resolution
  • Technical training and documentation
  • Configuration control and management
  • SW development (tools)

About Cetra Base

Cetra Base is an engineering company based in Madrid (Spain) providing consultancy support in aerospace sector.

We have expertise in different fields such as Galileo Ground Segment, Ground Stations, Galileo PRS, etc. 



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